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The questionnaire on the evaluation of the quality of teaching

Recently, we have modified the teaching quality assessment questionnaire within the information system. The previous version was based on the Moodle courses in which the student was enrolled, providing anonymity, but had its shortcomings:

  • - Numerous statements.
  • - The impossibility of distinguishing responses based on the type of lesson: lecture, seminars, laboratory.
  • - Reports and conclusions were limited.

The new version is based on performance data and was created with consideration for the disadvantages of the previous version. Here's what this questionnaire brings:

    1. Anonymity: Even when the questionnaire is personalized, restricting access only to the disciplines the student has access to, it does not record the link between the response and the person, ensuring anonymity.
    2. Reduced number of statements: We have reduced the number of statements to 10, chosen based on the type of lesson: lecture, seminar, laboratory. This helps focus the assessment and obtain more relevant conclusions.
    3. Personalized access: Access to the questionnaire is available only to students, after authentication with the unique ASEM VLE username or its equivalent in the ASEM Email database. Thus, each student can respond only once to the questionnaire for each discipline, depending on the type of lesson.
    4. Suggestions field: We have included a field in the questionnaire where students can describe ideas, opinions, and suggestions to improve the quality of the teaching process.
    5. Limited access to results: Currently, access to responses and processing results is only available to the rectorate. A mechanism for teachers, allowing them to view students' opinions on the taught course, will be implemented later.

    The questionnaire is available after authentication, in the menu: Didactic process => Evaluation of teaching quality (only for students).

    We encourage you to actively participate and express your opinions sincerely to contribute to the continuous improvement of teaching quality. If you have any further questions or suggestions, feel free to share them.