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To the attention of students (cycle I and II) of the last year of study

The management of ASEM informs you that higher education at cycle I, bachelor, ends with the elaboration and defense of bachelor's and master's theses.

In this context, we additionally inform you about the need to comply with the following requirements, which are related to the content of this process:

The deadline for selecting and approving the thesis topic at the profile department – September 30, 2023.

The theses are elaborated in accordance with the calendar plan, drawn up in agreement with the thesis supervisor and approved by the head of the profile department.

Each student-graduate is obliged to submit the thesis, in electronic format, in the AESM repository, based on an instruction (which you can find below), for the purpose of anti-plagiarism testing and an original copy of the thesis to the department with the consent of the scientific supervisor. Deadline–


  • Winter:
    • Frequency to date: 09–13 January 2024 
    • Reduced frequency: 09–16 January 2024
  • Spring: May 13–18, 2024


  • Spring:
    • Frequency: 13.05.2024–20.05.2024
    • Reduced frequency: 29.04.2024–20.05.2024

The public defense of the bachelor's theses, admitted for defense, accompanied by the opinion of the scientific supervisor and of the head of department will take place during the period:

for the winter defense of master's theses 22 - 27 January 2024

For spring support/defense:

  • License: 03.06.2024-15.06.2024
  • Master: 27.05.2024–01.06.2024

According to a graph developed by the profile department.

We remind you that the work must be downloaded in full, including applications, title page, LDC, etc., in a SINGLE PDF file.

If you have problems connecting to anti-plagiarism, contact us during working hours (Saturday and Sunday are rest days!). Information is in the menu Details ⇒ Contact.

Dear students,

In order to successfully complete your studies in ASEM, we urge you to comply with the above requirements, and we wish you only success!

Board of Directors

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