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REVOLUTION OS features a performance of "The Free Software Song" by the hacker rock band The GNU/Stallmans. Richard Stallman wrote the lyrics to "The Free Software Song."

--Director J.T.S. Moore on the point of view of the documentary "Revolution OS"

August 28, 2001 (original written for Tech TV interview)

When I started making "Revolution OS," I basically had the same perspective on Linux and Open Source that I think most non-techies still have today. I was aware of Linux, but I didn't know anything beyond the fact that it was a type of operating system. And, I had no clue what the term Open Source meant.

So it is quite clear that my approach with the documentary was that of an outsider looking in. My background is in filmmaking and screenwriting. After earning my MA in film production from the USC School of Cinema, I worked as a screenwriter for Walt Disney. Consequently, the type of film I was interested in making was probablyquite different from the type of film that would have been produced by a Linux or GNU hacker. I decided I would focus on a specific set of interesting characters and craft a story with a villain, a dramatic conflict and a classic three-act structure. Also, I thought it would be great if I could end the film with an uplifting musical number. I guess this is the type of sensibility that gets hardwired into screenwriters and film students. Now some may complain about the Hollywood-style of storytelling, but most memorable movies either follow this approach or consciously diverge from it for effect.

When I started making "Revolution OS" in July of 1999, Silicon Valley was still getting drunk on the giddy "gold rush" atmosphere. That environment definitely had an impact on the type of documentary I was going to make. Along the way, I captured on film one of the quintessential experiences of the late 1990's: the breathtaking IPO of a start-up company.
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