Calligra Suite for Windows - Testing Version Released 

The Calligra Suite is a set of applications that allows you to easily complete your work. There are office applications, as well as Graphic applications. There is also a comprehensive set of plug-ins. The Calligra Suite is unique because not only does it consist of the normal word processor (Words) and spreadsheet (Tables) applications, but it also brings you Graphic applications as well.

The Calligra Suite consists of 8 applications, the office applications are Words, Tables, Stage, Kexi, Flow, and Plan, and the graphic applications are Krita and Karbon. Each application is unique and aimed towards normal personal and professional uses.

The Calligra Suite runs on all platforms. The Desktop edition runs on Windows, Linux and other Unix variations. Calligra Mobile currently runs using the Maemo 5 OS, and Meego platforms.

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Concept & maintaining :   Constantin Sclifos